Garments Manufacturing Enterprise Solution

Our software streamlines garment manufacturing production with features like efficient production planning, easy purchase order generation, priority settings for deadlines, optimized cutting plans, and fabric management. It also tracks manpower, estimates production costs, and provides detailed reports on production, inventory, and costs. With streamlined inventory and container management, it ensures efficient material handling.

Solution :

  • Language : PHP
  • Framework : Laravel
  • Database : MariaDB, MS SQL
  • Skills : Project Management, Analysis, Customer Supports
  • Backend System : QA, System and Software Architecture, Review & Audit, Content Management, System Support
  • Workflow Management : AS-IS Process Understandings., Workflow and Process Automation., Continuous Business Operation Support.

Client :


Certainly, here's a more concise overview of the key features for a product planning and execution software tailored for a garments manufacturing company:

1. Production Planning: Strategically plan production activities, set targets, and allocate resources.
2. Purchase Order (PO) Generation: Easily generate purchase orders for raw materials and trims based on production needs.

3. Scheduling and Priority Settings: Efficiently schedule tasks and set production priorities to meet deadlines.

4. Cutting Plan & Fabric Management: Optimize fabric cutting processes, manage fabric issues, and minimize wastage.

5. Manpower Management: Track employee schedules and skills for efficient task assignment and resource utilization.

6. Production Costing: Estimate and track production costs for each order to ensure profitability.

7. Reporting: Generate detailed reports on sewing, cutting, production, trims, and costs.

8. Inventory and Container Management: Manage inventory levels and track shipments for efficient material handling.

These features collectively streamline production processes, improve efficiency, and optimize costs for the garments manufacturing company.

Over the past five years, our continuous garments manufacturing factory ERP for EAST PORT LIMITED has been a steadfast partner, providing unwavering support through regular system upgrades, process enhancements, feature expansions, and comprehensive organizational assistance. This ongoing commitment ensures seamless business operations, empowering our clients to thrive in a dynamic market landscape.

The Key Role of Software Maintenance in Ensuring Business Success and Maximizing Performance-

There are several different types of software maintenance services categories:

Preventive Maintenance

It helps to identify and address any potential system vulnerabilities.

Perfective Maintenance

It focuses on optimizing all components, functionalities, system operations, features, and more.

Adaptive Maintenance

It focuses on the software infrastructure component.

Corrective Maintenance

This type of maintenance assists in identifying and fixing any software bugs.



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