Crafting a comprehensive ERP solution for SSL Wireless and its end customers, featuring HR, Payroll, Accounting, Library, Asset, Inventory, and Publication Management modules, tailored for seamless business operations and reselling as a partner product.

Solution :

  • Language : PHP
  • Framework : Laravel
  • Database : MariaDB
  • Skills : QC, Project Management, System Support
  • Workflow Management : AS-IS Process Understandings., Workflow and Process Automation., Continuous Business Operation Support.

Client :

SSL Wireless

Embarking on the development journey, we're designing a sophisticated ERP solution specifically for SSL Wireless and its customers, with a strategic vision for resale as a partner product. This comprehensive system integrates essential modules, including HR and Payroll for efficient employee management, Accounting for precise financial tracking, Library Management for organizing resources, Asset Management for optimal asset utilization, Inventory Management for streamlined stock control, and Publication Management for effective content dissemination.

Our focus lies in tailoring each module to seamlessly synchronize with SSL Wireless's unique operational dynamics, ensuring maximum utility and adaptability. Through meticulous attention to detail and robust technology infrastructure, we aim to empower SSL Wireless with a versatile ERP suite that not only enhances internal processes but also presents an enticing opportunity for resale to their clientele. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, our ERP solution promises to be a transformative asset for operational excellence and market expansion.

In a collaborative effort, SSL Wireless and Annanovas have co-engineered and seamlessly deployed a comprehensive ERP solution, tailored to meet the unique demands of their clientele through meticulous customization of features and functionalities.


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