Prothom Alo Mobile Apps

Annanovas IT provides maintenance, support, and upgrades for all 7 of Prothom Alo's global mobile apps.

Solution :

  • Skills : QA, Project Management, System and Software Architecture, Database Administration, Analysis, Solution Architect, Android Studio, SQLite, Objective-C, Swift, Java

Client :

Prothom Alo-MediaStar Limited

Strategic Alliance: Annanovas IT Ltd. and Prothom Alo (Mediastar Limited) have entered into a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance for Prothom Alo's seven mobile applications globally. Annanovas IT Ltd. will be responsible for the maintenance and support of these applications, guaranteeing uninterrupted service and swift issue resolution. Moreover, Annanovas IT Ltd. will extend its expertise to facilitate enhancements and modifications as per Prothom Alo's evolving requirements.

This partnership signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation, as both entities leverage their strengths to deliver exceptional user experiences. With Annanovas IT Ltd.'s technical prowess and Prothom Alo's esteemed position in media, this collaboration promises to elevate the standards of mobile application services in the industry. Together, they aim to meet the dynamic needs of users while maintaining Prothom Alo's position as a leading provider of news and information.

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