My Parking

"Monetize idle parking spots hassle-free with 'My Parking'. Earn extra income effortlessly with flexible options, no upfront costs. Maximize your earnings with ease and convenience."

Solution :

  • Server : AWS, RDS, CDN
  • Skills : QA, Flutter, UI/UX Research, Laravel, UI/UX Design, Project Management

Client :

Digital Tree Bangladesh Limited

Unlock the potential of your unused parking spaces with "My Parking," the ultimate solution for effortless extra income generation. Whether you have a single spot or multiple spaces sitting idle, this platform provides a seamless way to monetize them without any upfront costs or hassle. 

With "My Parking," you can tap into a lucrative opportunity without committing extensive time or effort. This user-friendly interface offers full flexibility, allowing you to set your own terms and schedule. Whether you want to rent out your space for a few hours, days, or longer periods, it's entirely up to you.

Forget about the complexities of traditional rental arrangements. This platform handles the logistics, from listing your space to managing payments, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for both hosts and renters. Maximize your earnings with ease and convenience while contributing to a more efficient use of urban space.

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