ABC Radio

Discover the future of radio with ABC Radio's innovative mobile platform by Annanovas. Elevating customer satisfaction and retention, experience FM 89.2 like never before.

Solution :

  • Framework : Laravel
  • Server : AWS, RDS, CDN
  • Skills : QA, UI/UX Research, Swift, Java, UI/UX Design, SQLite

Client :

Transcom Limited

Transforming the landscape of radio engagement, ABC Radio, FM 89.2 introduces a pioneering mobile and web platform crafted by Annanovas, aimed at revolutionizing listener experience. As the premier news-oriented FM station in Bangladesh, ABC Radio sets itself apart through its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. 

In collaboration with Annanovas, this cutting-edge platform is meticulously designed to enhance user retention and elevate overall satisfaction. Whether tuning in for the latest news updates, insightful discussions, or engaging entertainment, listeners can now immerse themselves in a seamless and interactive experience like never before.

From intuitive navigation to personalized content recommendations, the platform caters to the diverse preferences of its audience, ensuring each visit is enriching and rewarding. Welcome to the future of radio with ABC Radio and Annanovas.

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