Bengal Meat ERP

Automate B2B orders, process sales, manage complaints, handle distribution, and track inventory. Includes web and Android app.

Solution :

  • Language : PHP
  • Framework : Laravel
  • Database : MySQL
  • Server : AWS, RDS
  • Workflow Management : AS-IS Process Understandings., Workflow and Process Automation., Continuous Business Operation Support.

Client :

Bengal Meat Processing Industries Ltd.

Introduce a robust process automation framework meticulously tailored to cater to the complexities of B2B order management. This comprehensive solution seamlessly orchestrates the entire spectrum of sales operations, from order placement to fulfillment, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and accuracy at every step. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, the system is equipped to swiftly address and resolve any complaints that may arise, fostering strong client relationships.

Moreover, the platform boasts advanced capabilities for sales projection, harnessing data-driven insights to forecast demand with precision and optimize resource allocation accordingly. From orchestrating the seamless distribution of orders to meticulously managing parcel logistics, every aspect of the supply chain is meticulously optimized for peak performance.

In addition, robust inventory and factory stock management functionalities empower organizations to maintain optimal stock levels, minimize wastage, and maximize operational efficiency. Real-time visibility into inventory status and automated replenishment mechanisms ensure seamless continuity of operations without disruption.

To further enhance accessibility and usability, the solution is complemented by intuitive web and Android applications, providing stakeholders with convenient access to critical data and functionalities on-the-go. With its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface, this solution sets the benchmark for excellence in B2B order management and supply chain optimization.

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